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So....I am one of the people that have Severe Dental Anxiety (due to a horrible experience when I was a child). I haven't been to a regular dentist in probably 7 years. Gross. I know. But for those of you who have SDA, you understand. I realized I would need my wisdom teeth out in 2016, but I was too scared to go. It wasn't until one of them was on the brink of an abscess that I made an appointment. I researched for WEEKS. I talked to friends and family about the best choice for an oral surgeon. All roads lead to Dr. Peoples. 3 weeks leading up to my appointment was pure torture. I put myself through turmoil....anticipating the appointment, thinking about "what if''s"....you know, typical SDA people's drama. I arrived for my appointment...so scared I was shaking. I told my driver (my mom) that they better get me back FAST and give me gas...or I was going to run out of the building and far away. In the moment, I was so serious. I was ready to sprint out the door as fast as I could. They called my name to go back and my feet were so heavy, I almost didn't make it. I tried not to cry, because I'm a 32 year old mother who delivered almost a 9 pound baby. SURELY I could do THIS. DOC's team got me in the chair, covered me with a blanket, hooked up a heart monitor, blood pressure cuff and gave me some gas. I was finally able to feel more calm. DOC came in and started the IV sedation. I was more scared than I have ever been in my entire life. I started to cry. The next thing I remember was hearing them talk so I asked if we were getting ready to start the procedure. I heard a voice say "Honey, we are all done". I couldn't and still can't believe it. All the pure torture I put myself through?! FOR THAT?! I'd rather have this done that get a cavity filled. Seriously. To all you SDA folks, the procedure was literally NOTHING. The stress I put on myself was 100% the worst part. After you've put yourself through multiple panic attacks, call these people. I promise you, you won't regret it. Not only did they help me feel comfortable but they've helped me not be so anxious about dentist visits. Do yourself a favor. Choose them. To Doc and his staff...my heroes. Thank you to the ladies who done what they did. You'll never know the impact you have on crazy people like me. You all are in the right profession. Sincerely, The Crazy Girl Who Tried To Run J. Presslar
I had my wisdom teeth out last Thursday and for something I feared so badly, I had the best experience. Dr. Peoples calmed my nerves and made me feel completely okay with the surgery. Dr. Peoples and the entire staff were so nice and friendly! S. Edwards
Excellent team, follow up care and service all around! I can't recommend them highly enough from the office staff, the follow up with the insurance companies, and of course the care my daughter received when having her wisdom teeth removed. Very highly recommended. K. Wehr
My daughter had her wisdom teeth surgery and it went so smooth. Dr. People's was great. He and the staff were friendly and made us feel so relaxed. Little swelling, no bruising, and very little pain. I know each individual is different but for my daughter everything went so well. I would recommend this office to anyone. Great Doctor and staff L. Wilson
Great service and an awesome staff! Highly recommend! B. Matney
This place is great! Real professional and friendly. W. Green
"I grew up having terrible experiences at the dentist. The combination of a terrified child and dentistry as it was practiced 50 years ago resulted in an adult who avoided all dentists at all costs. These years of neglect led to the inevitable problems that required several extensive mouth surgeries. I was petrified at what I imagined the experience was going to be like. That's when Dr. Oghalai and the the folks at Bailey, Peoples and Oghalai came into my life. Dr. Oghalai's kind gentle manner, and his empathetic professionalism alleviated all my fears, and I'm not exaggerating when I say all the procedures there were literally completely painless. I encourage anyone who is considering oral surgery of any type, especially if you have a phobia of dentists or dental procedures, to consider choosing the professionals at Bailey, Peoples and Oghalai for all your dental needs. I think you will be surprised at the ease and comfort they provide to insure your experience is a pleasant one." -D. Petty
After having a really bad experience with an oral surgeon many years ago, I was very apprehensive about what I was about to go through (removing bone spurs prior to dentures fitted). Went from one extreme to another. Although I was asleep during the procedure I can only attest to the results. First, no pain, before, during or after the procedure. The pointy things in my mouth are gone. I can feel a few stitches here and there but they will soon dissolve. As an example of how well I was put back together, I had fish & rice that very evening. No problem. Dr. Oghalai did excellent work. If I ever need additional work done, he's my 1st choice by far. Also, I was pleased to discover that my payment for this procedure was requested from me before the treatment, not afterwards while I was still recovering from the general anesthesia and had no working memory. (In my previous experience I found a signed receipt in my pocket the following day and had no recollection of doing that!) If all "dentists" were like Dr. Oghalai I would have probably taken better care of my teeth in the past. He's good. Richard S.
I wish I could give more than 5 stars. The staff here is AMAZING, I have never received better service. My sister had a sports injury and Dr. Oghalai was able to see her right away. Although he could not ultimately treat her, he made sure we that we left with a reference and an appointment at another office. The office manager, the dental assistant, and the front desk receptionist were all amazing and sweet. They comforted my sister and reassured us that everything would be ok. They are doing a great JOB! Brandi E.